“Great pillow, allows me to elevate my legs to  take pressure off my low back.”
“I needed to elevated my leg following calf surgery, this product allowed for a consistent way to help me elevate my leg.”
“My doctor suggested to elevate my lower legs due to swelling, I have been unable to find a product until now, this is perfect.”
“Elevating the legs helps ease my low back pain, it is my ideal position to rest and ice when my chronic low back pain act up.”
“Ideal for using in the clinic or at home  to elevate the upper back or legs.”
“My doctor advised me to elevate my legs due to pain and swelling from my injury, no way I could do this without this product.”
“My daughter recently sprained her ankle, this was a great product to use to help elevate her leg.”
“This is great, I need one of these for home.”
post op knee patient