Our Story


A little history regarding the creation of EZ-UP Pillow.

EZ-UP Pillow was inspired by a physical therapist’s desire to produce a cost-effective and convenient pillow wedge that matched the therapeutic benefits of a professional foam pillow. Patient rehabilitation routinely includes the elevation of legs with a bolster (or wedge pillow) to reduce lower back pressure, decrease pain and reduce swelling of the lower extremities. This position is comfortable and relaxing as it aids the healing process. While enjoying the bulky foam pillows, rehab patients would often ask if there was something similar for home care treatments. In that moment, the EZ-UP Pillow was born. EZ-UP Pillow was designed to make the “Elevation” in R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate) easy to maintain while in the comfort of home. This inflatable, portable and easy-to-clean product is the ideal positioning device when suffering from a swollen or injured leg, back pain or knee pain. It’s also great as an upper back support while lying in bed.

So now you know the story. EZ-UP Pillow is here to serve people pursuing prevention and healing strategies for a better quality of life.

It’s quick, it’s easy and it works.

Why EZ-UP Pillow?

EZ UP Pillow Elevation

EZ-UP Pillow is perfectly designed to meet your needs for home rehabilitation care. The inflatable pillow makes elevating legs quick, easy and inexpensive. All that’s required is a hand pump (included with product) and a comfortable surface to lay on while you relax and elevate your legs. The days of finding space to store an expensive and heavy foam wedge are over.

Whether you are a high-performing athlete or a recovering surgery patient, the ergonomic design of EZ-UP Pillow offers multiple circulation and relaxation benefits:

  • Reduces pain and pressure on the lower back
  • Improves circulation that speeds up body repair and recovery
  • Facilitates venous drainage
  • Prevents varicose veins
  • Reduces swelling after injury
  • Relieves restless legs
  • Provides upper back support

A professional-grade foam pillow wedge can range in cost from $150 to $200. On top of that, the wedge is heavy and is difficult to store.

EZ-UP Pillow is a convenient, easy-to-store home therapy companion at a fraction of the cost.

Get your EZ-UP Pillow today.

Top 10 EZ-UP Pillow Rehab Tips

Physical Therapy Health

1.  Elevate your legs to alleviate the discomfort in your legs, ankles and feet caused by poor circulation.
2.  Elevate your legs frequently to help reduce swelling.
3.  While your feet are elevated, move your foot up, down and in circles to help improve circulation.
4.  Elevate your legs above your heart to facilitate venous drainage and prevent varicose veins.
5.  Elevate your legs to relieve strain and tension in the low back.
6.  Elevate your ankle above the level of your heart to decrease swelling and bruising following an injury.
7.  Elevate your legs 30 minutes per day to facilitate your body’s natural circulation.
8.  Elevate your legs after a strenuous workout to minimize soreness and shorten recovery time.
9.  Elevate your legs to prevent blood clots after surgery.
10. Elevate your legs and keep the room temperature cool to relieve restless legs.